Connectors for LMR©-400, RG8 & Belden 7810 C

Connectors for LMR©-400, RG8 & Belden 7810 C

The RF connectors in this section fit LMR®-400 and equivalent cables including the following cable types:

  • Times Microwave LMR®-400 , LMR®-400-DB, LMR®-400-FR, LMR®-400-PVC, LMR®-400-PVC-W, LMR®-400-LLPL
  • CommScope® WBC™-400 and CNT®-400
  • Altelix AX400™, AX400FR™, AX400FRW™, AX400DB™, AX400P™
  • All LMR®-400 Equivalent Cables
  • Belden® 7809

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