Altelix 3-5 Day Quick-Turn Enclosure Modifications

Altelix 3-5 Day Quick-Turn Enclosure Modifications

3-5 Day Quick-Turn Modifications

Enclosure Modifications to Your Specifications in 3-5 Days or Less!

Multi Axis CNC Cutting Vent Holes in FRP Enclosures

Altelix makes it easy to order simple modifications on any of our enclosures to your specifications in 3-5 days, much faster than the 2-3 week turnaround times offered by other enclosure manufacturers and suppliers. With full in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Altelix can offer these expedited services at no extra cost. Modifications to our enclosures may include adding holes for cable glands and liquid-tight fittings, 22.5mm and 30.5mm holes for push buttons, switches and pilot lights and cutouts for keypads and displays as well as providing pre-assembly.

With over 30 enclosure sizes in stock, Altelix can offer these quick-turn modifications on any of our fiberglass, polycarbonate and steel enclosures at competitive prices.

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How can Altelix offer these services with such quick turnaround time?

Altelix In-House Engineering

Located at Altelix’s design and manufacturing facility in Boca Raton Florida, our in-house engineering team uses the latest solid modeling CAD software to ensure your modification requirements are precisely engineered. Using our 4-axis CNC machines, laser cutters and 3D printers which provide precise tolerances and repeatability, you can ensure your custom enclosure is done right and done fast!

Having Altelix provide the modifications you need will save you installation time and money as well as ensuring you end up with an enclosure specific to your exact requirements.

Quick-Turn Enclosure Modification Capabilities

Laser CNC Cutting Enclosure Insulation

Altelix offers a wide range quick-turn modification options. These include:

Enclosure Holes and Cutouts

  • Various shapes and sizes
  • On any side of the enclosure and/or door

Cooling and Heating

  • Digital temperature controllers
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Insulated enclosures


  • Pre-assembly of equipment racks, including fans, cable organizers and shelves
  • Pre-assembly of accessories, including interior mounting panels, cable glands, and vents
  • Pre-assembly of customer provided equipment inside enclosure

Special Packaging

  • Enclosure packaging and labeling per customer requirements

Additional Enclosure Modification Capabilities

Multi-Axis CNC Cutting Vent Holes in FRP Enclosures

In addition to the quick-turn modifications options mentioned, Altelix can provide more complex enclosure modifications. These types of modifications may require longer turn-around times which are still the fastest in the industry. These modifications include:

Equipment Mounting Plates

  • Various shapes and size cutouts
  • Pre-tapped holes for mounting customer specific equipment
  • Metallic and non-metallic options

Plug-and-Play Equipment Mounts

  • Designed specifically for each device to ensure a secure and easy way to mount them
  • Wall or DIN Rail mount options


  • Custom power requirements - AC and DC
  • Pre-wired enclosures for plug-and play installations
  • Power outlets
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Pre-installed buttons and switches
  • Custom length power cables

How to Order Your Modified Enclosure

Step 1 - Select the Right Enclosure Series and Size
With enclosure available in Fiberglass (FRP), Polycarbonate, Painted and Stainless Steel, Altelix offers over 30 sizes to choose from. If you are not sure which enclosure and size is best for your application, one of our skilled sales associates can help.

Step 2 - Choose the Modification Required for Your Enclosure
Review the components required for your enclosure (such as cable glands and fittings, switches and buttons, etc.) to select the right size holes and cutouts needed as well as the proper locations on the enclosure.

Step 3 - Create a Drawing
By providing a drawing or even a sketch of your requirements, the Altelix engineering team can review your request and provide feedback and design improvements if needed. Once reviewed Altelix will provide a drawing for your approval.

Step 4 - Get a Quote
Once all the information and required quantities are provided, a member of our sales team will provide a quotation for your project.

Step 5 - Place Your Order
Once you approve the drawing provided by Altelix, your product will ship within 3-5 days.

CNC Precision Drilling of Equipment Mounting Plates

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