News and Press Releases

New 16"x20"x12 and 20"x16"x12" NF Series Fiberglass FRP NEMA Enclosures  5/1/2024
New 10"x8"x8" NF100808 Fiberglass Enclosure Line  11/1/2023
Altelix Introduces New Enclosures for Starlink®  10/1/2023
New 19 inch Adjustable Depth Equipment Rack and Enclosures  10/1/2023
New NF141210 Series Enclosures  9/1/2023
Altelix NEMA 4X Weatherproof Infrared IR Repeater Kit/Remote Control Extender  7/1/2023
New TurnKey Enclosure Solutions  7/1/2023
New Colors for the NP Series Polycarbonate Enclosure Line  5/9/2023
Altelix Product Availability and Lead Time Update  9/21/2022
Altelix Inventory Updates - NFC FRP Series, NS Painted Steel and NX Stainless Steel Enclosures  9/7/2022
Altelix Inventory Updates - NF10 and NF14 FRP Series  Enclosures 8/17/2022
Altelix Inventory Updates - NF14 FRP Series Heated  Enclosures 5/23/2022
Altelix Inventory Updates - NFC FRP Series and NS Steel Series Enclosures 4/26/2022
New Altelix NP Series Polycarbonate+ABS Enclosures now Available 2/16/2022
Altelix Inventory Updates - NF100806, NF141206 and NF141208 Series FRP Enclosures 1/18/2022
Altelix Inventory Updates - NP141105, NP171406 and NP17AV Series ABS Enclosures 1/13/2022
Altelix Inventory Updates - NP141105 and NP151005 Series ABS Enclosures 12/22/2021
Altelix Inventory Updates - NP and NF Series Enclosures 12/13/2021
Altelix Inventory Updates 9/13/2021
Altelix Introduces New Sizes in its' Line of Polycarbonate+ABS Enclosures 8/12/2020