Altelix Introduces New Enclosures for Starlink® at CEDIA 2023

Enclosures for Starlink Satellite Routers and In-Motion

Altelix launched several new enclosures for Starlink® Pro at CEDIA 2023 in Denver Colorado.

Altelix at CEDIA 2023 in Denver Colorado

These Altelix enclosures are specifically designed to house the standard Starlink® and Starlink® Pro in-motion capable satellite router, the Starlink® power supply unit and Ethernet adapter. The enclosures also provide integral cable management features and custom cable glands designed specifically for the Starlink® antenna cable. Both AC and DC power options are available. AC power options include 120VAC USA outlets as well as universal AC outlets for international use. DC power options include both 12VDC and 24VDC for mobile and solar applications and include integral inverters to power the Starlink® equipment. All versions are vented with thermostat-controlled cooling fans, and heat options are also available.

Enclosures for Starlink Satellite Routers

Click Here for more information on Altelix Starlink® enclosures.

Oct 4th 2023 Altelix, LLC

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