New Colors for the Polycarbonate Enclosure Line

Altelix is excited to announce two color additions to the NP Series Polycarbonate Enclosure line. In addition to gray, all the NP Series enclosures will be available in OD Green ( New Color!) and Light Ivory. These will be available with all the standard options such as AC and DC power, air vents and thermostat controlled cooling fans. Sizes include: 

  • 9"x8"x3"
  • 10"x9"x4"
  • 12"x9"x5"
  • 12"x9"x7"
  • 13"x10"x4"
  • 14"x11"x5"
  • 15"x10"x5"
  • 17"x14"x6"

Light Ivory
Light Ivory easily blends in with interior and exterior commercial and residential spaces. The light color of the enclosure decreases solar heat loading and is ideal for installations subject to direct sunlight.

OD Green
New to the NP Series lineup is Olive Drab Green, aka OD Green which is the most common natural color for concealment and camouflage in foliaged environments. This color is also used widely for military applications. OD Green is a great neutral color that teams well with so many other colors.

Rugged Design Both Indoor and Outdoor Use
The Altelix NP Series Weatherproof NEMA Enclosures are ideal for protecting equipment from harsh environments and tampering. These enclosures are molded out of UV resistant PC+ABS which is a high tech thermoplastic blend of polycarbonate and ABS which combines the best qualities of both into a single material.

Both OD Green and Light Ivory NP Series Enclosures will be available this May here on

May 9th 2023 Altelix, LLC

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