November Specials

November Specials!

For the month of November find big savings on enclosures and accessories throughout the site.

20% Off All NP Series Enclosures
Altelix NP Series Polycarbonate enclosures are available in eight sizes from 9"x8"x3" to 17"x14"x6". Options include power and non-powered models, heat and cooling fan and turnkey enclosures for specific applications. Click Here to view the Altelix NP Series Enclosures.

10% Off All NF Series Enclosures
The Altelix NF Series Fiberglass FRP enclosures are available in five sizes including our newest 10"x8"x8" and 14"x12"x10" enclosures. Model options include AC and DC power, heat, cooling fan and WiFi ready models. Click Here to view the Altelix NF Series Enclosures.

10% Off All Enclosure Pole and Wall Mount Kits
Save now on the full line of our pole and wall mount kits. This includes our new heavy duty pole mounts and flanged wall mount kits. Click Here to see all available pole and wall mount kits.

20% Off All BMP Series Mounts
The Altelix BMP Series are innovated equipment mounts are designed specifically for a wide range of devices including YoLink® sensors, Amazon® eero® routers, Apple® and Roku® players. Available for wall or DIN Rail mounting. Click Here to view the Altelix BMP Mounts.

10% Off All 19" Equipment Rack Mount Frames
Altelix Heavy Duty 19" Equipment Rack Frames are available in vertical 2U and 4U configurations and our adjustable 6U and 8U equipment rack frames. Click Here to view all available models.

20% Off DIN Rail Accessories
Altelix DIN accessories include DIN rail mountable power outlets and 35mm Top Hat DIN rail kits.

25% Off NEMA 4X IR Repeater Kit
This IR Infrared Repeater/Extender is designed specifically for outdoor applications or indoor installations in high dust environments. By installing this kit into the front of a media equipment enclosure or cabinet, you can now control your devices without accessing the equipment directly. Click Here for more information.

November specials good through 11/30/2023.